A self-involved pedestrian accidentally angers a sinister street Mime, and pays a heavy price. Produced for Fox Digital, Mime will had its US premiere at Screamfest LA in October 2020 and its European Premiere at Cannes Series 03 in the same month. It was also selected for Frightfest 2020.
 THE MIME, was commissioned by Fox Digital Studios (now 20th Digital Studio). It screened on both FX and FXX Channels in the U.S. over Halloween 2020, and is now streaming on Hulu as part of the Bitesize Horror slate of shorts.

Produced and Directed by Mark Lediard and Gavin Williams
Written by Gavin Williams
Edited by Mark Lediard
DOP - Scott Coulter
Composer - Roma Yagnik
The Mime - Ruth Mary Johnson
Scowler - Daniel Watson

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